Sending My AWS DeepRacer on a Mission

I was very fortunate and lucky to receive a deep racer for attending one of the first Deep Racer workshops at AWS re:Invent 2018. The AWS DeepRacer is a physical computer on wheels, with a webcam. It’s a fun way to get started with re-inforcement learning. Re-inforcement learning is a type of machine learning that works when an ‘agent’ is allowed to act on a trial-and-error basis within an interactive environment, using feedback from those actions to learn over time in order to reach a predetermined goal or to maximize some type of score or reward.

Help! I Forgot the Password to my AWS DeepRacer

In a flurry of excitement, I unboxed my new AWS DeepRacer to have a play. I charged up the Lithium Ion battery, the ZenPower brick and powered it up. I followed the Getting Started guide and it asked me to change the password. I’ll thought to myself: I’ll change the password to something I’ll definitely remember. I typed in a new password. I didn’t remember it. Unfortunately, how to reset the password is not one of the troubleshooting topics within the developer guide.

Protecting your Serverless .NET Core App with Amazon Cognito

This blog post focuses on implementing an ASP.NET Core MVC web application using OpenID Connect, Amazon Cognito and AWS Lambda. Introduction Most business applications require some form of authentication and authorisation. It can be a challenging component to implement, especially handling sensitive data like profile information, passwords, federated identities. Amazon Cognito is a fantastic AWS service that handles all the undifferentiated heavy lifting to do with your app’s users, so you don’t have to.