I am passionate about problem solving and delivering solutions. I like to focus on building solid, scalable, highly available and well-designed solutions leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS). I am a certified AWS Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer professional. I work at Idea 11 - an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner in Brisbane, with a highly skilled, award winning team.

As a Solutions Architect, I help enterprises analyse requirements, plan, architect and build solutions using technology.

I’ve been part of large enterprise migrations, moving complex on-premises data centres into the cloud. I’ve helped re-engineer line-of-business applications to be cloud native by leveraging AWS services. I’ve consulted to development teams on refactoring build tasks and deployment workflows. I’ve assisted with moving high-profile online websites to AWS with zero-downtime.

I come from a software development background and majored in Software Architecture at QUT. I’ve been a full-stack developer prior to my shift into systems engineering. My weapon of choice is .NET, but I’m a polyglot with experience in Ruby, PHP, Python and Nodejs. I also have vast experience with an array of databases, Big Data, reporting, performance optimisation and security.

Are these (or similar) phrases familiar to you? “Ah, it’s OK, we’ll just do it manually for now.” “I need to collate the data for a report”. Integration and Automation are my two favourite focus areas of business pain-point removal. If you have manual processes in your business, please reach out to me. I want to help take away these daily grind, innovation inhibiting nightmares.

My goal is to help customers achieve the best outcomes with the best solutions.

AWS Ambassador