Help! I Forgot the Password to my AWS DeepRacer

In a flurry of excitement, I unboxed my new AWS DeepRacer to have a play. I charged up the Lithium Ion battery, the ZenPower brick and powered it up.

I followed the Getting Started guide and it asked me to change the password. I'll thought to myself: I'll change the password to something I'll definitely remember. I typed in a new password.

I didn't remember it.

Unfortunately, how to reset the password is not one of the troubleshooting topics within the developer guide.

What to do if you've forgotten the password

No need to fear!

Attach your DeepRacer to a HDMI-compatible monitor or television. Plug in a USB Keyboard and USB mouse into the Login using the username and password:


Next, open a terminal window within the User Interface.

1deepracer@amss-6sgb:~$ cd /opt/aws/deepracer/nginx/
2deepracer@amss-6sgb:/opt/aws/deepracer/nginx$ sudo python
3[sudo] password for deepracer:

This resets the password to the factory default password which is located on the sticker on the base of the device. If your sticker has been removed or destroyed, you can also find the password by typing:

1deepracer@amss-6sgb:/opt/aws/deepracer/nginx$ cat /sys/class/dmi/id/chassis_asset_tag


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